Business Growth


Piece by Peace admires how unique each business might be. The industry is young and we understand that investments and risks are high. As such our approach towards pricing is tailored to each client's specific needs.

Educational & Technical Services including but not limited to

Overview on Metrc, Training and Set Up

Overview on Compliance, Laws and Regulations

Standard Operating Procedures

Metrc Portal Management & Monitoring

Centralized Data Management & Record Keeping

Product Performance & Analysis based on Metrc Data Reports

Metrc Financial Reports

Metrc and Compliance Best Practices Models

Facilities Compliance Master Plan

Operations and Management Master Plan

Packaging Master Plan

Inventory Management Plan

Waste Management Plan

Audits & Inventory Reconciliation Plan

Mock Compliance Audits

Web and Mobile Support

Set-Up & Train

Recently acquired a legal cannabis license and are ready to implement and achieve your long awaited goals?

Our commitment and dedication is to provide the compliant roadmap for your success story.

Allow us to enable you the opportunity of focusing all your energy on your craft. Our goal is to relieve you from the Metrc and Compliance aspect of developing this road to success.

Update & Maintain

Having trouble keeping up with your Metrc account, compliance matters, and regulatory updates?

It is never too late to do things the right way. Let us clean up the mistakes and help you learn from it.

Our Metrc/Compliance approach ensures your operation and the staff behind it follow SOPs and meet the standard that's set by the regulations, and applied through Metrc's reporting system.


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