For Metrc and Compliance Services


We are committed to empower your business with a Metrc-Compliant model that fits your business operation and ensures you meet compliance requirements at all times. Metrc aids your business in data management, cost-effective solutions, analysis on product life cycle & production, provides state reported financials and many more.

Our Business-Growth Services will establish the appropriate environment for you to flourish within the legal market. This industry is looking up to you licensees for your leadership and commitment to Peace for Cannabis.

Legal cannabis licensees carry the responsibility of leading this industry's success, worth, and value. Foundations now rely not only on quality of products and sales, but on product safety and abiding by compliant operations.

We are committed to empower your mind with researched and up-to-date industry and Metrc/Compliance topics; and to boost your technical skills beyond measure. To understand Metrc's functions and apply them compliantly, uncovers various opportunities for you to excel within the legal cannabis job market.

Our Individual-Expertise Services caters to you all, from any background; the ones believing in this industry's positive growth and desire to participate in the age of Peace for Cannabis.

Legal cannabis licensees are now allowed to promote job postings online. A highly competitive market driven by specialized skill-set requirements and up-to-date knowledge regarding Cannabis & Compliance. The one skill in common among the job positions is, however, Metrc.


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